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I decided to launch “” when I was out shopping with a friend. I was redesigning our garden and looking for outdoor solar lights for the landscaping, deck and garden decorations. My friend asked me why I am looking for solar powered lights and the answer was pretty simple that the solar energy is the clean and renewable source of energy, so why shouldn’t I utilise it when I can.

I wasn’t sure what to buy and what to avoid so we asked a bunch of questions to the guys at the store, but they didn’t know the right answers and we weren’t happy with the explanations they gave us. At that time I decided to start this blog and help others choose the best possible solar powered outdoor lights.

The main purpose of is to provide honest information about a wide range of outdoor solar lights for your home, garden, pathway, patio, deck, etc. and help you select your next set of lights from our well-researched list.

I want this website to be the last destination for those who are looking for the best and unbiased information about solar lights available out there in the market and online. I want to educate you about the products before you make a decision to purchase them.

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– Richard Yates

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