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Masterpiece on Overachieving

Here is my masterpiece tip on how to be really smart, intelligent, extra-capable, overachiever and successful.

My way is:Masterpiece on overachieving abilities

Use the brainpower of your surrounding and any one else you know who is good at thinking. It doesn’t have to be only experts in the subject. Let anyone help with sincere input.

Just ask as many good people what they think…


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How I do it, when things seem so bad and there is no sight of a solution, instead of focussing on the problem,  I  channel my thoughts  and prayers to God, and as I continue to do that, I get to see signs of possible solutions, and then I start to work on those signs, and that is when, I find a real solution to the pending problem, not by my own strength, but by having Faith, In God and believing He is the…


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Entrepreneurship and Motivational Talk show starting soon

Hello good people,

How I Do It social network is planning to start a talk show some time next year on entrepreneurship, job creation, motivation and self-esteem.

We need to have at least six hundred (600) members to sign up on how I do it before we can start. Please pass the word to any of your friends, colleagues at work or university/college and family who may be interested to join how I do it.

Let’s get the “Intsinzi”/success spirit take hold of our…


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I need your opinions on this

I need your opinions on this

I personally have been very offended by the Nobel price comity for their selective and discriminative attitude of nominating and electing laureates for their Noble peace price.

  1. From the time the world ignored, rejected and condemned us to death sentence without trial in 1994 when; Rwanda was experiencing the agony of genocide to the time Rwanda and its sons and daughters sacrificed and gave it all to stop it.
  2. From the time…

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The Right place is a myth

How did I meet Donnie Smith the CEO of Tyson Food Inc?

Well, many people would think that; in order to meet what they may call VIPs… One would need to be at what they may also call special places. However, I just want to tell you all that, there is no such a thing as a special place there are only special moments in time.

Most of you have heard of being at the right place at the right time. Allow me to say that, this is a myth.

To me, there is no such a thing as…


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How I do it

It is great to see that brothers all around the world are getting exited about this and are contributing with comments and ideas on how they get things done successfully sharing tips and all kind of good info on how to accomplish success. I am positive that, this thing born in Rwanda will soon present another success story to the world just like we have been know to do since our rebirth after the very unfortunate Genocide that; had put our beloved country on the Globe forefront for the very…


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Childhood training

"How I do it" Every day, is a result of my childhood training,how we are raised,the environment,teachings,scolding,training,responsibilities and chores given to me as a child,made me whom I'm and I believe everyone else is the result of this early training.

Some of the important lessons given to me as  child and are an imprint on my mind,each and every time,are ; Time lost will never be gained,this was my Father's favorite,he said it every morning,as you know…


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Getting your way

Getting your way

This has always worked for me and, I would like to share with you a tip.

We all like to get things our way or at least to be listened to and have people agree with us in the way we want things done. Now, the biggest tip in getting others to agree with you on any thing is by first, letting them express themselves and by receiving their opinions first and make them feel that, you are very understanding, you share a lot in common and that; it could be a very good…


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I tried to warn you

Hi everyone! 

You can check out my blog here: 

I hope you enjoy it! 

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A Midnight Thought

  It seems that nowadays time passes by without a thought, this carelessness might have one mistaken for being loss but odd enough it is just the opposite. As the nation sleeps dreaming of tomorrows outcome in the presidential election the key thought in everybody’s mind is not something one man can provide, even if he is the president and that is change. This is what America is truly about…


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