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Tips by Paul Dansker for Safe Driving With Animals

Driving with our pets is often a necessity. Vet appointments are rarely within walking distance and it can be difficult to go on a long trip without your animal. Unfortunately, taking an animal out on the open road poses certain dangers. If you are planning to drive with an animal in your car, it is important to know how to prevent your pets from becoming a distraction.


One in three people who drive with their dogs, cats, or animals in the car fail to restrain them properly.…


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Dangers of Speeding Drivers - Paul Dansker

Driving is an inherently dangerous activity even under the best of conditions and it is the responsibility of motorists to exhibit safe driving practices in an effort to keep others safe from danger. People that choose to blatantly disregard safety laws and regulations such as speed limits are not only compromising their own well-being, but also the safety of others that may be traveling at the same time.

Speed limits are set for a reason. The location of the road, the type of…


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City playgrounds Injuries - Paul Dansker Discusses Grounds for a Case

NYC playgrounds are designed to be safe areas for children and their parent to gather and play, but if they are not regularly maintained or designed without adherence to safety rules and regulations, accidents can happen, causing injuries and unfortunately even death. Such was the case in which an adult, not a child, was killed when a tire swing struck him in the face. Many parks have already removed certain common playground items because of safety precautions, but…


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Can you sue a school for a child’s injury, even if you signed a liability waiver?

When your child is in school, you are trusting teachers, school staff and administrators to ensure that your child is safe. Often, schools require parents to sign liability waivers absolving them of any liability should your child be injured while on a field trip or perhaps while playing school sports. However, such a waiver doesn’t always release them of liability, especially in cases of negligence.

Certain circumstances surrounding the injury of a child in the care of school…


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Overloaded Trucks May Cause Catastrophic Accidents: Paul Dansker

Overweight and overloaded trucks pose a very serious danger on our nation's roadways. When a truck has more weight than it can safely carry, stopping is much more difficult, and the truck is much more likely to get out of control when swerving to avoid a collision or an animal in the road. Overloaded trucks can damage the brake and steering system of the truck. An overweight truck is an accident waiting to happen, and when trucks are involved in accidents, the results can be catastrophic and…


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Paul Dansker Can Explain Your Rights to Compensation for Gym Injuries

Over the last few decades, fitness gyms have become incredibly popular in urban and suburban areas. Many people find it much more convenient to work out at the gym rather than waiting for good weather so that they can exercise outside. In addition, some people live in areas that do not have good outdoor spaces for exercise at all. Gyms can be great places to work out with friends but they can be dangerous places as well if the owners and managers responsible for these institutions do not do…


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Paul Dansker Tips for Being a Defensive Motorcycle Rider

Mr. Paul D Dansker is one of the most trusted names in personal injury and accident litigation in New York. With nearly four decades of personal injury experience and an impressive track record, it is no surprise that Mr. Dansker is the accident attorney that so many injured plaintiffs choose to represent them in their quest for justice.  His commitment to treating every client like family to get the compensation…


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What to do after a Boating Accident in NY? Ask Paul Dansker

Recreation on the water is fun, relaxing and entertaining, but when you are involved in an accident all those reasons go floating in the current. Property damage and personal injuries, or in a worst-case scenario where a victim goes under water, there are actions requiring immediate attention. You need to know what to do after a boating accident in NY.


Ask Paul Dansker one of the most preferred personal injury…


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Driving Awareness Tips by Paul Dansker for Big City Driving

Living in a big city means that now and then you see freak road accidents you would want to forget. For as long as human beings are driving vehicles on the road, accidents cannot be completely avoided because human beings will at some point make mistakes or be careless. You might even have at one point…


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Get Emergency Air Ambulance Services in Dimapur at the Minimum Cost

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How to get better at Content Writing?

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Content is just a number of written words brought to tell a story. Everyone believes they can tell their story better but a content writing services will show you have professional writers bring your story to life. How they humanize your business with the services like article writing services, blog writing services. Your business needs to be noticed they will tactically tell your story that your business gets the recognition and brand loyalty it deserves.

Here are some struggles…



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