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Many photographers now shooting video have a strong photographic background, usually in the fields of photojournalism or documentary photography. Traditional photographic training allows for a photographer to compose a scene with moving footage in the same manner as he would with a still camera. As digital video technology has advanced, recording video has become easier for the photographer, with smaller video cameras and advanced editing software programs. These advances allow a photographer to shoot video using similar techniques to their still photography work, making the transition between the two mediums more natural for a photographer. Many newsrooms now require their photojournalists to shoot video in addition to their traditional still photographs so the story may be re-purposed on the Internet in a multimedia format.

Digital photographic technology has advanced rapidly in the past several decades and hybrid cameras now have the capability of shooting both still images and high definition video. These hybrid cameras also use the same high-quality, fast lenses that are used in professional still photography, allowing footage to resemble expensive motion picture films. Several independent films have been shot entirely with these hybrid cameras and the season finale of the television series "House" was shot entirely with a Canon 5D Mark II, one of the cameras leading the field in the hybrid market. High-end camcorders, also called "pro-sumer" cameras, now have the capability of shooting high-definition footage in a small, simple camera that fits easily within the video photographer's camera bag. The advancement of both of these cameras is allowing photographers to embrace video in an affordable manner and with shorter learning curves.

The video photographer must have a solid background in non-linear video editing in order to function in a professional capacity and produce his work. Non-linear editing involves taking a story line and presenting it in a non-chronological order. A cheap wedding dresses uk non-linear editing software program allows you to move clips, still images and separate audio tracks throughout the timeline. The industry standard for multimedia editing is Apple's Final Cut Pro and is only available for Mac operating systems. If you are considering a career as a multimedia producer in a newsroom setting, you must understand and be fluent in Final Cut Pro. Some producers also use Adobe's Premiere for their production work, which is compatible with a PC computer system. Working with video requires large amounts of data storage, high speed computer processing, vast amounts of computer RAM (2 gigabytes is the minimum) and a great deal of cheap wedding dresses uk

Many video photographers work in a photojournalism or storytelling capacity. Using video, still images and audio allows a visual communicator to convey his story in a powerful manner. A photojournalist working with video must have a solid journalism background, either a communications degree or equivalent work experience, and must be able to capture stories in an honest and compelling manner. The video photographer must be able to shoot sports, news, features and lifestyle stories in both still images and video. The work requires long hours on tight deadlines, so a passion for the field and a proficiency with the equipment and software are necessary. Video photographers are also entering other areas of specialty, such as wedding photography and commercial work, and the same experience applies in these positions as in the case of a photojournalist.

As technology continues to advance in both cameras and the delivery methods of media content, the role of the video photographer will expand and evolve with the technology. For example, Apple's iPad is expected to change the methods in which people consume their media and many media outlets are now trying to monetize the delivery of their content, particularly videos, to devices such as the iPad. As more movies are filmed with hybrid cameras, more video photographers will have the opportunities to enter the filmmaking industry with a background in photography, not cinematography. Staying abreast of the technology, and the future role media will play in the general public's lives, will position the video photographer for cheap wedding dresses online a fruitful career in visual cheap wedding dresses online


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