The Dos and Don’ts of Buying Cars at Online Auctions

The world of salvage car online auctions is a perfect place to land a second car at a lower price. However, before plunging into the bidding wars, there are some things that a first-time buyer should know.

Not a public auction? not a problem

There are a few types of auctions, but not all of them can be accessed by everyone.  Unlike public and government auctions, there are auctions for dealers only that usually have the best cars on offer.
This means that if you're not a dealer yourself, you would have to gain access to such an auction through a third-party dealer who can bid, buy and get the car delivered straight to your door.

What you see is not always what you get

Be mindful of the images you see in the auction adverts for a car. Damage, dents and rust may not be visible in the pictures as they can be taken from all sorts of angles and may be carefully taken so that do not reveal everything.

In addition, the car could have been worked on previously, to fix some of the issues. It could also be touched up specifically for the photo shoot. Go through all the info you have on the car, the extent of the damage, as well as the repair history, as this could help you calculate, whether you should put in the winning bid.

Watch the budget

Do not get carried away by the bidding frenzy, as this could eat away your budget very quickly, and being new to auctions, you can easily fall into this trap – always set a maximum bid before an auction, and stick to it. Always check whether the bids you are putting in are within the limits of what you are willing to pay for a car.

Always factor in all the costs of shipping and exporting the car, also, be aware that once the car arrives, you could spend more time working on the damage not seen in the photos, that you hadn’t bargained for to begin with, so always try to factor this in.
It doesn’t matter where you are

The good thing about bidding at an online auction is that you don’t have to go to a certain location to bid on cars. Work with a third-party dealer who can help you out in finding the perfect fit for you, wherever it is, and get it shipped to you.

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