Wholesale Mens Air Jordan XXX1 "Why Not?" PE 2017

Air Jordan XXX1 men's basketball shoes with outstanding resilience cushioning performance, to help you in the game battle to enjoy the fast and comfortable game experience. FlightSpeed ​​technology will be evenly distributed in the foot pressure full of Nike Zoom Air cushion, effectively enhance the rebound Response performance, plastic on the explosive performance of the pace. Synthetic leather heel with a flexible flyweave front foot, plastic on the natural smooth sports experience, while in the fast break and turn to provide superior support. Lined with excellent cover feet, to create personalized experience. Followed by foam pad, effectively enhance the landing when the cushioning effect. Through the observation of the upper, the toe part of the reinforcement layer, to ensure the support and protection. Uncover the inner leather We observe how the leather and the flyweave two pieces of the material are combined together and uncover the leather layer We see the fabric and the fabric weave together through the suture. Similar to the dynamic flying lace hole is also an independent component.
New Jordans 2017, One of the biggest highlights of Air Jordan XXX1 is the use of the upper Flyweave material and the leather material. So long did not see the shoes in the Air Jordan shoes on the shoes of shoes enthusiasts a little bit excited. Although the weaving process has a lot of possibilities, but the leather material texture and gloss is the weaving process can not be achieved. We found that the upper is actually composed of two layers, first of all we removed the first layer of the upper, but also Flyweave plus leather that layer. Flyweave said in front of a very strong plasticity, so this time the upper is from black to red gradient effect. To the latter part of the leather material, the first leather material has its own special gloss and texture characteristics, but also a good base fabric, in the last can be embroidered and embossed way presented Logo.
New Jordans 2018, This time Air Jordan XXX1 uses the full palm Zoom Air plus the new form of Flight Speed ​​system. Flight Speed ​​support system from the Air Jordan 29 on behalf of the first use, Air Jordan XXX1 is the third pair of the use of this system AJ is the generation of shoes, after three generations, Flight Speed ​​shape also has a new change. At the end of the dismantling process, we saw a three-thirds flight of the Flight Speed ​​support. The support piece is placed directly between the insole and the midsole. And slowly we removed, we also found that there is a lot of heaven and earth, we found the bottom of the forefoot is hollowed out, so the second part of Flight Speed ​​is pad in the bottom of Phylon, Flight Speed ​​forefoot is empty, direct Stick on the front palm of the Zoom Air cushion.

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