Reese's Pregnancy Advert - Banned Reese's Ad Commercial

Reese's Pregnancy advert. This is a really weird advert about Reese's Pieces, if this was aired, this must be one of the most complained about commercials in the world. This banned commercial is a really weird commercial, no wonder this became a banned ad.

Banned Reese's Commercial:

This banned ad is insane, and also creepy - banned commercials are few and far between like this banned reeses commercial, but luckily the internet archives things. Good thing Burger King, Wendy's, Subway, Dominoes and others do not make ads like this. This is my reaction to the Reese's Child Birth, or baby born commercial. My channel will start reacting and reviewing Crazy ads, Weird ads, Controversial ads.

Ads Vs. Reality - Fast Food ADS vs. REALITY

McDonald's Dead Dad Advert - Banned McDonald's Ad Commercial

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